About Me

My name is Ronald Becker and I was born in 1977. It all started with a green BEIRETTE SL 100N, which I got for my 10th birthday. She accompanied me on day trips with the family and on my first trips to holiday camps.
During my school days I used my father's popular PRAKTIKA BX20 SLR. As a member of the photo club in my hometown, I learned the basics of photography. Taking photos with manual camera settings, measuring exposure times, developing films and photos on paper.
When I switched to high school, followed by professional education and academic studies, photography was a hobby of many in my spare time.
When I started my professional life, photography became my real hobby and I bought my first digital SLR, a CANON EOS 20D.
My first photographic assignments led me into the world of music festivals. As the co-founder of the VJ group CINEMATA and as a photographer, I accompanied the small but fine music festival NACHTDIGITAL for almost 20 years and thus documented the development and change of the festival in pictures and film material until its end in 2019.
With the addition of the quadruped family member named Milva, I shifted my focus to wildlife photography in 2018. However, not every walk the dog comes up with photographic highlights but shows me traces to find the next photo spot. 

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