R O N A L D    B E C K E R

Photographer with passion for nature and wildlife.

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About Me
Degreed engineer for ophthalmic optics and photographer

Photography has accompanied me since childhood. Capturing moments  for eternity, being creative and discover unknown sides of life. Photography fills my free time with variety and excitement. In nature and wildlife photography I find my determination and my work/life balance since 2019.

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All facets of photography.

From architecture to landscape and portrait to the zone system of Ansel Adams. Everything is possible and may determine my work.

Black & White
The magic of grey tones.

Sometimes every photographer connects with Black & White photography and integrates them more or less into his creative process.

Nature & Wildlife
Back to nature and exploring the roots of wildlife.

Aside urbane life I love to discover again nature and wild animals in her natural surrounding.

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